Study of Various Attacks in MANET and Elaborative Discussion of RREQ Flooding Attack and Its Solutions

Neha Kamdar, Vinita Sharma, Poorva Kakani
One of the majority up-and-imminent fields for research is mobile ad hoc network. Mobile means moving and ad hoc means temporary devoid of every fixed infrastructure. Security is high main concern obligation in wireless ad-hoc network. In ad hoc network the communicating nodes sets novel challenges for the security style because it doesn't unavoidably supply on fixed infrastructure. In the ad-hoc network denial of service attacks (DOS) convincingly start through malicious nodes or attacker
more » ... es or attacker which is more vulnerable. Black whole, Gray hole, Worm hole, Flooding is such type of security threats that affects the network. This paper presents a review on MANET, types of attacks .Here we are clarify the event of flooding attack and their exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed effects which give chance to a genuine node for doing dissimilar attacks also. So we get going towards is to recognize the presence or existence of RREQ flooding attack using secure routing protocols and Technique which can easily find the attacker node and protects the network from RREQ Flooding attack.