Tuning emission energy and fine structure splitting in quantum dots emitting in the telecom O-band [article]

B. Höfer, F. Olbrich, J. Kettler, M. Paul, J. Höschele, M. Jetter, S.L. Portalupi, F. Ding, P. Michler, O.G. Schmidt, University, My
We report on optical investigations of MOVPE-grown InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots emitting at the telecom O-band that were integrated onto uniaxial piezoelectric actuators. This promising technique, which does not degrade the emission brightness of the quantum emitters, enables us to tune the quantum dot emission wavelengths and their fine-structure splitting. By spectrally analyzing the emitted light with respect to its polarization, we are able to demonstrate the cancelation of the fine structure
more » ... litting within the experimental resolution limit. This work represents an important step towards the high-yield generation of entangled photon pairs at telecommunication wavelength, together with the capability to precisely tune the emission to target wavelengths.
doi:10.34657/3593 fatcat:cnga2ymbzzflto4jmhuofue5cm