2014 Issues in Information Systems  
This study explored awareness and concern about mobile malware as well as usage habits related to preventative measures used to mitigate mobile malware risk factors. Several mobile malware risk factors were explored, including connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks, setting mobile devices to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks, leaving Bluetooth connectivity on, reading reviews before downloading mobile apps, using anti-malware software or apps, frequency of data backups, and device locks
more » ... and device locks using passwords, PINs, or fingerprints. A total of 187 participants were surveyed, including undergraduates and doctoral students and alumni at a mid-Atlantic university. The study found that among the risk factors explored, participants were not as aware of the dangers associated with connecting mobile devices to unsecured Wi-Fi networks and also were largely unfamiliar with antimalware software and apps. A set of recommendations for increasing awareness of preventative security measures for mobile malware were also presented.
doi:10.48009/2_iis_2014_116-123 fatcat:gd3e65pn3vf3rld5vrwzowz4re