1854 Scientific American  
p y • 262 � titntifit �mtritan + Water Wheel.···ElIect ofTurblne···Article 3. EXAMPLE.-A turbine water-wheel, twelve feet in circumference, with inlet and outlet each equal to one square foot sectional area, and guides inclined to the plane of rotation 100, while working under an eight· foot head, makes 80 revolutions, and discharges 960 cubic feet of water per minute. Required the power, ef fect, and ratio of eff ect to power. ' Here 960 x 62'5 =60,000 Ibs of water descend ing 8 feet, and
more » ... ng 8 feet, and 60,000+33,000=14'545 h. p., the power. Then 12 x 80+60=16, the velocity of the wheel per second. And as the inlet and outlet are equal, 960 +
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04291854-262e fatcat:rzpvumxywjbn3fudypzxalnu4q