Electoral Reforms

2013 Zenodo  
Varma proposes electoral and political reforms to reserve politics only to perfectionists who intend to dedicate their whole time and energy to serve the people of the country round the clock. It is imperative to consider these new political and electoral reforms for better, healthy and improved democracy to remove corruption, inequalities, unemployment and mis-governance. Varma's political and electoral reforms are aimed at empowering under privileged, working class, rural and urban areas.
more » ... ent features of these new political reforms 1] Full time representation 2] Fixed time table for assembly and parliament sessions 3] Compulsory attendance in parliament and assemblies 4] Compulsory attendance in constituencies. This record was migrated from the OpenDepot repository service in June, 2017 before shutting down.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.812511 fatcat:hftsl7txdnbuzogjkl44ifn5ju