Properties of The Space GFB(V, U)

2018 Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics  
Our goal in the present paper is to recall the concept of general fuzzy normed space and its basic properties to define the general fuzzy bounded operator as a background to introduce the notion general fuzzy norm of a general fuzzy bounded linear operator. After that we proved any operator from a general fuzzy normed space into a general complete general fuzzy normed space has an extension. Also we prove that a general fuzzy bounded operator on a general fuzzy normed space is equivalent to a
more » ... s equivalent to a general fuzzy continuous. Finally different types of fuzzy approaches of operators is introduced in order to prove that the general fuzzy normed space GFB(V,U) is general complete when U is general complete.
doi:10.29304/jqcm.2019.11.1.478 fatcat:efvly4fmejc7xckeokbkz4jquq