A GIS Based Approach for Radiation Risk Assessment Around a Thermal Power Plant Towards Adopting Remedial Measures [post]

Kajori Parial, S. Mukherjee, A. R. Ghosh, D. Sengupta
2018 unpublished
Coal combustion in thermal power plants releases ash. Ash is reported to cause different adverse health hazards in humans and other organisms. Owing to the presence of radionuclides, it is also considered as a potential radiation hazard. In this study, based on the surface radiation measurements and relevant ancillary data, expected radiation risk zones were identified with regard to the human population residing near the Thermal Power Plant. With population density as the risk determining
more » ... ria, about 20% of the study area was at ‘High’ risk and another 20% of the study area was at ‘Low’ risk zone. The remaining 60% was under medium risk zone. Based on the findings remedial measures which may be adopted have been suggested.
doi:10.20944/preprints201812.0133.v1 fatcat:m5jjfnstifhcbpdfjj2574mwte