Transport simulations of a density limit in radiation-dominated tokamak discharges: II [report]

D.P. Stotler
1991 unpublished
The procedures developed previously [Phys. Fluids 31, 3713 (19S8)j to simulate the radiatively induced tokamak density limit are used to examine in more detail the scaling of the density limit. It is found that the maximum allowable density increases with auxiliary power and decreases with impurity concentration. However, it is demonstrated that there is lit. =• lependence of the density limit on plasma elongation. These trends are consistent with experimental results. Our previous work used
more » ... onal equilibrium impurities; the primary result of that paper was that the maximum density increases with current when peaked profiles are assumed. Here, this behavior is shown to occur with a coronal nonequilibrium impurity as well.
doi:10.2172/5618597 fatcat:c3ci4hoonrgalfffc3onij2eja