The Race towards the Future: Geopolitics versus Technology. Implications for Romania

Florin Bonciu
The paper identifies two broad and unrelated processes that take place in contemporary world economy, the historical process of redefinition of the balance of power and spheres of influence which is characterized by the geopolitical dimension and the process of profound technological change determined by the 4 th industrial revolution which is characterized by the technological dimension. The research identifies a race not between the two processes per se, but between the implications of their
more » ... lications of their outcomes. Depending on which of the two processes will succeed in redefining the architecture and predominant type of relations in the world economy the reality of the period from 2020 to 2030-2050 might be very different. Based on the conclusions of this research, the final part of the paper analyses the implications of these possible outcomes for Romania, given its current characteristics which resulted after 27 years of transition.