Glutamic acid adsorbed on Ag(110): direct and indirect molecular interactions

S Blankenburg, W G Schmidt
2009 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
First-principles calculations are used to rationalize the adsorption geometry and long-range order observed for (s)-glutamic acid rows adsorbed on Ag(110). Hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions are found to be important for the direct molecular interaction within the molecular rows. Adsorption induced charge-density waves in the substrate lead to an indirect interaction between the adsorbates, resulting in the formation of long-range order. Remarkably, structural relaxation effects also play a decisive role in the indirect interactions.
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/21/18/185001 pmid:21825447 fatcat:zlwvfnvhgjgn3ezpt5bxqvpgqq