Odnawialne źródła energii – ochrona powietrza – ochrona klimatu

Grzegorz Wiśniewski, Aneta Więcka
2018 Energetyka-Społeczeństwo-Polityka  
Polish energy sector is moving away from the principles of sustainable development and this causes serious tensions within the European Union. Continuation of current trends may lead to ecological catastrophe. Europe and the world invest in zero-emission sources not only for ecological reasons. These sources, especially solar and wind energy subject to an inevitable decline in energy costs in the long term, and also mitigate risks related to fuel costs escalations and reduce costs of
more » ... of coal fired plants to the environmental regulations. The authors of this article indicate that the efforts should be made towards rapid development of totally emission-free renewable energy sources and gradual displacement of combustion processes in the power industry. This transition cannot be implemented without seasonal heat storages and integration (market coupling) of heat and electricity markets.
doi:10.4467/24500704esp.18.005.10227 fatcat:oivla2ec4rfplbmm4forksuuue