Isolation and characterization of ribonucleic acid from cerebral cortex of rat

H R Mahler, W J Moore, R J Thompson
1966 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Ribonucleic acid isolated from cerebral cortex of mature male and female rats was fractionated by chromatography on methylated albumin Kieselguhr columns or by sucrose gradient centrifugation. Three principal fractions were obtained with analytical ultracentrifuge s~o,~ values of 4, 17, and 28. By comparison with ribonucleic acid prepared from purified rat brain ribosomes, the 17 S and 28 S fractions were shown to be predominantly ribosomal ribonucleic acid. Differences in base analyses between
more » ... the three fractions were small but significant. Compositions of all fractions were markedly complementary with G = C and A = U. Within the past decade experiments by Hyd6n and Egyhhzi (1, 2), McConnell (3), and others (4, 5) have suggested possible relations of ribonucleic acid to learning and memory. We are interested in changes which may occur as a consequence of behavioral factors in specific fractions (or kinds) of RNA from mammalian brains. Since any such changes may be extremely small in comparison with a relatively large amount of unchanged RNA, we must have detailed information about the characteristics of brain RNA from control animals. This paper describes methods for (a) extracting RNA from cerebral cortex of albino rats, (b) fractionating this RNA, and (c) physically and biologically characterizing these fractions. The main portion of the paper describes RNA from male and female albino rat cerebral cortex with respect to its fractionation in a sucrose density gradient and on methylated albumin Kieselguhr columns, together with base analyses of each fraction. Data are also given on RNA from purified ribosomes isolated from rat brain. EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURES
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