A preschool and kindergarten numeracy and communication benchmark screener for a response to intervention model

Shirley M. Novak, University, My
The interrelationship between language and numeracy skill acquisition has been a topic of research in recent decades. In the early years of formal schooling, language/communication benchmark screening assessments have been utilized by school districts to establish the amount of support required for student success. Few benchmark screeners have been created to determine the support needed for successful numeracy knowledge attainment. Even fewer have been developed and implemented to determine
more » ... ted to determine the language/numeracy connection in early learners. The project is a preschool and kindergarten informal numeracy skills benchmark screener assessment which includes an emphasis on mathematical language. This screener is to be applied as part of the Response to Intervention model of instruction. The assessment is to be administered by a classroom teacher in the first term of kindergarten or the last term of preschool. The information and observation data are to be analyzed for an RTI level of support determination.
doi:10.25316/ir-16229 fatcat:jlvv7lfetzdrtmjyhtpw5ktmbi