Study of phase transitions in cerium in shock-wave experiments

M.V. Zhernokletov, V.A. Borisenok, V.G. Simakov, V.A. Bragunets, E.E. Shestakov, A.M. Podurets, M.I. Tkachenko, E. Cadoni
2015 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Cerium has a complex phase diagram that is explained by the presence of structure phase transitions. Planar gauges were used in various combinations in experiments for determination of sound velocity dependence on pressure in cerium by the technique of PVDF gauge. The data of time dependence on pressure profiles with use of x(t) diagrams and the D(u) relation for cerium allowed the definition of the Lagrangian velocity of the unloading wave C Lagr and the Eulerian velocity C Eul by taking into
more » ... Eul by taking into account the compression σ . These results accords with data obtained by using the technique of VISAR and a manganinbased gauge, and calculated pressure dependence of isentropic sound velocity according to the VNIITF EOS. Metallography analysis of post-experimental samples did not find any changes in a phase composition.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20159401076 fatcat:ge2hhweyg5b4nnobqhhhbzoshy