Odonata from southwest of central desert of Iran with occurrence notes on Ischnura intermedia Dumontm, 1974

M Kiany, S Sadeghi
2016 Iranian Journal of Animal Biosystematics (IJAB   unpublished
Karizes (Qanat) prepare a part of fresh water sources in main desert of Iran. The arid regions in deserts have isolated suitable aquatic habitats as strong barriers, thus only a few places with surface waters have remained accessible for water-related insects. This paper represents the results of only study on dragonfly species of Karizes. We identified 10 species of typical desert dragonflies of four different families that were collected in summer 2013. Some traits allow Odonata to exist in
more » ... onata to exist in deserts; hence they may reveal some differences with those in non-desert regions. No endemic species was found in this part of the desert. we concluded that there are typical opportunistic species with special adaptations that could colonize in Karizes as a type of aquatic habitats. We reported Ischnura intermedia here as a new record for Iran and noted some of its differences with the type specimen.