Why We Talk About Race [post]

S. Joshua Swamidass
2021 unpublished
The news cycle on MLK day came and went. We did not publish an article on race here, but I did publish one at The Panda's Thumb. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remains an important voice for our current moment. The questions of race, also, are tightly connected to our mission. A few days later, I am still thinking about the questions of race, and the legacy of MLK. As we think about evolution and creation, about inheritance and justice, we cannot avoid the topic of race. Good and bad, for better
more » ... for worse, race is interwoven through the historical conversation on origins. The first theories of race, after all, began as theories of origins. Race concerns our ancestry, and science speaks to our ancestry as well. Science certainly has information to add, but the questions of race call us beyond a science-only view of the world.
doi:10.54739/hj8a fatcat:jgxbycydezggvd23zb3apbegv4