Optical and structural studies on SnS films grown by co-evaporation

C. Cifuentes, M. Botero, E. Romero, C. Calderón, G. Gordillo
2006 Brazilian journal of physics  
Polycrystalline SnS thin films were grown on glass substrates using a novel procedure involving a chemical reaction between the precursor species evaporated simultaneously. This is a relatively new material, which exhibits excellent properties to be used as absorbent layer in solar cells. X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements indicate that the synthesized samples grow in several phases (SnS, SnS 2 and Sn 2 S 3 ) depending upon the deposition conditions. However, through an exhaustive parameter
more » ... austive parameter study, conditions were found to grow thin films predominantly in the SnS phase with orthorhombic structure. It was found that this type of compound presents p-type conductivity, a high absorption coefficient (greater than 10 4 cm −1 ) and an energy band gap E g of about 1.3 eV, indicating that this compound has good properties to perform as absorbent layer in thin film solar cells.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332006000600066 fatcat:yj3jhk5d35d4bkxlubtlkyn23m