Towards Physical Biomimetic and Neuromorphic Device Consisting of Nanomaterial

2019 Vacuum and Surface Science  
Bio-inspired and neuromorphic system now attracts great attention due to its high capacity for optimization and energy frugality in problem-solving. Use of physical noise fluctuations and spontaneous spiking signal are considered to be significant advantages in signal sensing and informational processing. We investigated a noise generation from single molecule adsorbed on a carbon nanotube (CNT), where a unique state fluctuation of molecule is origin of the noise. By using the molecule as a
more » ... e molecule as a noise generator in CNT based nano-electronic device, we demonstrated a stochastic resonance device that detects small subthreshold signals. Furthermore, generation of spontaneous spikes similar to nerve impulses from a random CNT/molecule network were found. We propose an abstract molecular network model that yields results in good agreement with the experimental spike generation. These results indicate the possibility that complex functional networks can be constructed using molecular devices, and contribute to the development of neuromorphic devices.
doi:10.1380/vss.62.356 fatcat:rhsza6egj5cjni227bhl6fznlq