THE CURRENT STATUS AND PROBLEMS OF THE OPEN NETWORK OF THEATRICAL ACTIVITIES : A study on arrangement of regional infrastructure for performing arts
名古屋市芸術創造センターを通してみたオープン型舞台芸術創造の現状と課題 : 地域における舞台芸術の環境整備に関する研究

1996 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
Theaimofthispaperisto considertheproblemsfaced by arnul 重 i− purposepublichall that arranges it ' sown ac 重 ivi 重 ies. In the case of Nagoya City Arts Cen 且 er , activity management itSe 】 f must be we ] ] appreciated . But because t血eresources of the ha1 】are ] imited , this posi 重 ivc attitudc to cope with various needs brings up another di】 eml 皿 a . 1皿 order to elucidate hTS role and lo elaborate the effective opcrationa 】 strategies , it is necessary to conduCt more detailed studies
more » ... iled studies focused on the open network of creative activities i 皿 the regio皿. κeywords :
doi:10.3130/aija.61.97_4 fatcat:qcvmk45e3fa5rjwfmcvinq7uii