The Role of Isolated Sites in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Characterization and Modeling

Silvia Bordiga, Alessandro Damin, Gloria Berlier, Francesca Bonino, Gabriele Ricchiardi, Adriano Zecchina, Carlo Lamberti
2001 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
TS-1 and Fe-MFI systems have been chosen as cases studies for describing the behavior of single-site catalysts. We will report a concise review of the firmly established knowledge and of the open problems concerning the structure and the reactivity of Ti and Fe sites in TS-1 and Fe-MFI in partial oxidation catalysts. Some new experimental and theoretical results will also be described.
doi:10.3390/i2050167 fatcat:dgc226xj2vawbim7i5soigabqu