Persian Journal of Medical Sciences Thiazolo [2, 3-a] isoquinolines as Potential Antidengue Targets in Silico

Pjms Com, M Ramana, Prasanna Ranade, Rahul Betkar, Amey Nimkar, Balaji Mundhe, Shanta Bhar, M M V Ramana
QR Dengue is a serious viral disease presently having no effective antiviral therapy or approved vaccine available. Therefore, design of new drugs against dengue virus replication is a very important challenge. Thiazolidinone derivatives have previously been reported to show antidengue activity in cell culture. Herein, we report the docking study of fused thiazolidinone derivatives against the dengue virus NS2B/NS3 protease. The hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interactions and Van der Waals
more » ... between designed compounds with Lys74, Trp83, and Leu149 amino acid residues of the NS2B/NS3 protease is also discussed.