A Review: Shadow Detection and Removal

Vijay Chondagar, Harshiv Pandya, Rinkesh Patel, Kaushal Jani, Teaching Assistant
Shadow detection and removal in various real life scenarios including surveillance system, indoor outdoor scenes, and computer vision system remained a challenging task. Shadow detection and removal is a very crucial and inevitable task of some computer vision algorithms for applications such as image segmentation and object detection and tracking. Shadows in an image can reveal information about the object's shape and orientation, and even about the light source. Shadow in traffic surveillance
more » ... raffic surveillance system may misclassify the actual object, reducing the system performance. Researchers have developed numerous algorithms and techniques that help to detect a shadow in image and remove such shadow from that image. This paper is aimed to provide a survey on various algorithms and methods of shadow detection and removal with their advantages and disadvantages. This paper will serve as a quick reference for the researchers working in same field.