aCN-RB-tree: Constrained Network-Based Index for Spatio-Temporal Aggregation of Moving Object Trajectory

Dong Wook Lee
2009 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
Moving object management is widely used in traffic, logistic and data mining applications in ubiquitous environments. It is required to analyze spatio-temporal data and trajectories for moving object management. In this paper, we proposed a novel index structure for spatio-temporal aggregation of trajectory in a constrained network, named aCN-RB-tree. It manages aggregation values of trajectories using a constraint network-based index and it also supports direction of trajectory. An aCN-RB-tree
more » ... consists of an aR-tree in its center and an extended B-tree. In this structure, an aR-tree is similar to a Min/Max R-tree, which stores the child nodes' max aggregation value in the parent node. Also, the proposed index structure is based on a constrained network structure such as a FNR-tree, so that it can decrease the dead space of index nodes. Each leaf node of an aR-tree has an extended B-tree which can store timestamp-based aggregation values. As it considers the direction of trajectory, the extended B-tree has a structure with direction. So this kind of aCN-RB-tree index can support efficient search for trajectory and traffic zone. The aCN-RB-tree can find a moving object trajectory in a given time interval efficiently. It can support traffic management systems and mining systems in ubiquitous environments.
doi:10.3837/tiis.2009.05.007 fatcat:6man25vpbbgkxduxg3kjadjchy