Hydro-electric power supply

A. Tustin
1923 Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers  
Real graphs of electric energy consumption by the mining enterprises of the Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Basin are analyzed. Uneven consumption levels of this type of energy during the day are confirmed in the article. Significant difference in payment for the energy consumed by the enterprises during a day and at daytime necessitates optimizing electricity consumption at daytime. To date, the possibilities of the enterprises to "equalize" the schedules of electric energy consumption by organizational
more » ... by organizational methods are practically exhausted. The direction of implementing this process is substantiated by using power from additional energy sources in the structure of the power supply systems of iron ore enterprises. It has been established that one of the most significant losses in the consumption of electric energy is the process of pumping water from the underground mines. Water drainage consuming electrical energy in the "peak" and "half-peak" hours makes up to 90% for the individual mines. Hence, hydro-accumulating power stations are proposed to be used as an option for equalizing the schedule of electric power consumption. The analytical review of the usage of the prospective hydro accumulators and high-pressure generators in mining drainage systems, as well as organizational measures to reduce energy consumption and payment for electricity are represented. This system is optimal and can be suggested as one of the ways of energy supply system improvement for the iron ore mines such as "Oktyabrska", "Rodina", "Ternivska", "Hvardiyska" PJSC "Kyvyi Rih Iron Ore Combine". Thus, synchronous generators were implemented as a part of the energy systems for the mentioned iron ore mines. Besides,economy effect formula for using this equipment was determined, as well as an improved schedule of water pumping operation was suggested. Another way for costs optimization is to use synchronous generators as a part of ready-to-use hydrogenerators that were designed for a small electricity plants.
doi:10.1049/jiee-1.1923.0015 fatcat:gk53lxvptnhu3aohk5oescauoa