India's Cultural Diplomacy: Present Dynamics, Challenges And Future Prospects

Bhanu Pratap
2015 unpublished
Cultural Diplomacy is an important instrument of foreign policy. It helps in promoting international links with countries and people around the globe. Though it is a newly coined term, it has existed as a practise over centuries. In the globalized and interdependent world, cultural diplomacy is critical to national interest as a part of foreign policy of the countries all over the world. India has recognized the importance of Cultural Diplomacy as a part of its soft power strategy in promoting
more » ... ategy in promoting its national interest and establishing itself as a dominant regional and global power. India's move in this direction can be seen in the celebration of International Buddha Poornima Diwas, opening of cultural centres in different countries, signing of cultural agreements and exchange programmes with neighbouring countries. The basic principal of Cultural Diplomacy is to support foreign policy by the deployment of culture to pursue national interest. It is in this context that an attempt is made in this article to trace the history of the use of culture as a diplomatic tool by independent India in order to analyse its present dynamics and the extent of its success followed by upcoming challenges that India has to face in making its cultural diplomacy a primary diplomatic tool for further diplomatic practice.