Taktické metody iráckých povstalc na píkladu propagandy Tactical Methods of Iraqi Insurgency-the Example of Insurgent Propaganda

Tomáš Radj
The study about propaganda of Iraqi insurgency is primarily aimed at non-martial aspects of such propagandistic striving against (mainly) American occupation. Martial aspects of insurgent propaganda in Iraq, as for example kidnappings or attacks on oil infrastructure, are also shortly mentioned as certain kind of propaganda, but the main attention in study is dedicated to non-martial medial propaganda of Iraqi insurgents. As such, its elements as insurgent songs, videos and another "artistic"
more » ... nother "artistic" forms of propaganda are being analyzed. Two of the more famous insurgent songs are being translated in order to show, in more detailed way, the strange mix of poetical and militant rhetoric of insurgency, thus describing the Iraqi insurgency "in their own words". The conclusion stresses the huge mental flexibility of insurgents, capable of influencing the world audience by means of their sophisticated propaganda.