Memristive characteristics in semiconductor/metal contacts tested by conductive atomic force microscopy

Wenhong Wang, Ruixin Dong, Xunling Yan, Bing Yang
2011 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics  
Memristive characteristics in semiconductor/metal contacts are studied by conductive atomic force microscopy. The ZnO/Au device shows excellent memristive characteristics under Pt and TiN tips and the resistances of the high-resistance state and the low-resistance state are almost unchanged with time. Unipolar resistive switching behaviour is observed when a positive voltage is applied. In addition, the pure Au film also shows resistive switching behaviour under the TiN tip which was used to
more » ... hich was used to test the ZnO/Au device, but this behaviour cannot be observed under a Pt tip. Our results suggest that the memristive characteristics existing in semiconductor/metal contacts are due to the formation of conducting filaments in the interior of the semiconductor and the change in the energy barrier at the interface between the conductive atomic force microscope tip and the ZnO film.
doi:10.1088/0022-3727/44/47/475102 fatcat:26gxhynedbhu7jhckqdxioy4dq