Isolation and Characterization of Klebsiella pneumoniae WL-5 Capable of Decolorizing Triphenylmethane and Azo Dyes
트리페닐메탄계와 아조계 색소를 탈색할 수 있는 Klebsiella pneumoniae WL-5의 분리 및 특성

Jing Wu, Young-Choon Lee
2008 Journal of Life Science  
A Klebsiella pneumoniae WL-5 with the capability of decolorizing several recalcitrant dyes was isolated from activated sludge of an effluent treatment plant of a textile and dyeing industry. This strain showed a higher dye decolorization under static condition and color removal was optimal at pH 6-8 and 30-35 o C. More than 90% of its color of Congo Red were reduced within 12 hr at 200 μM dye concentration. Malachite Green, Brilliant Green and Reactive Black-5 lost over 85% of their colors at
more » ... f their colors at 10 μM dye concentration, but the percentage decolorization of Reactive Red-120, Reactive Orange-16, and Crystal Violet were about 46%, 25%, and 13%, respectively. Decolorizations of Congo Red and triphenylmethane dyes, such as Malachite Green, Brilliant Green, and Crystal Violet were mainly due to adsorption to cells, whereas azo dyes, such as Reactive Black-5, Reactive Red-120, and Reactive Orange-16 seemed to be removed by biodegradation through unknown enzymatic processes.
doi:10.5352/jls.2008.18.10.1331 fatcat:kj66pmwy3vblljqmoauanybuke