A Sender/Receiver Pair Transmission Power Control for Wireless Sensor Networks

Hayder Abdulmohsin, Ali Abduljabbar, Mohammed Hayder, Mohammed Amer
2013 Basrah Journal of Science (A)   unpublished
In a sensor node there are processing unit, sensing unit, transceiver unit and, power unit. This part of wireless sensor node is built on the Integrated Chip (IC). Reducing node energy consumption is important and vital in WSNs. The battery has very limited energy. Given that replacing/refilling batteries is usually impossible, it is important to use this limited energy as efficiently as possible. In this way we propose a new transmission power control algorithm for transmission power level
more » ... ion power level control for each pair of communication nodes, sender and receiver to save energy as much as possible. The simulation results show the proposed algorithm is good for high energy saving and link quality.