Literary Herald Myths, Legends and Folklores: Alternative Histories in Girish Karnad's Tughlaq and Tale-Danda

Divya Pandey
2017 UGC-Approved Journal An International Refereed English e-Journal Impact Factor: 2.24 (IIJIF)   unpublished
It has become essential in post-colonial context to reanalyze the received history due to colonialist distortion and orientalist misconstruction. Post-Independence Indian theatre had two future paths to follow: either to imitate a Western modernist avante-garde theatre which can be seen as a colonial legacy or the Orientalist rediscovery of ancient Sanskrit texts. Girish Karnad rejected both the paths and engendered a new kind of theatre which had its roots in vastly rich, unexplored affluence
more » ... explored affluence of Indian myths and folklores. His plays are livid examples of how historical fiction as a genre has potential to provide an alternative basis for historical knowledge-the one which is defiant to dominant ideological narratives. The paper seeks to examine Tughlaq and Tale-Danda to understand how Karnad uses myths and legends to de-idealize the past.