Stability of Perilla Anthocyanin Pigment in Waste from the Manufacture of Pickled Japanese Apricot

2005 food preservation science  
Fresh perilla leaves (Perilla ocimoides L. var. crispa) were used to prepare the following five sample solutions: dark-reddish-purple Japanese apricot vinegar (DRP-JAV) containing lye (+lye), DRP-JAV prepared after removing lye, JAV solution of purified anthocyanin pigment (AN, hereafter), a buffer solution of purified AN, and an 18% salt-Mcllvaine's (MI) buffer solution of purified AN. These sample solutions were stored for 60 days, examined of their pH, browning, absorbance and color tone,
more » ... and color tone, and analyzed by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to determine whether it is possible to utilize AN from DRP-JAV+lye and that from the DRP lye that had been disposed. (1) The DRP lye contained a relatively large amount of AN, the recovery ratio of which was 0.85%. (2) The pH of the 18% salt-MI buffer solution of the purified AN was 1.30 because of the added salt, and did no change until the 60 day. The pHs of the other sample solutions showed no change during the storage for 60 days. (3) The extent of browning increased with storage for each JAV sample when stored at * 1
doi:10.5891/jafps.31.103 fatcat:44zabatxcrgzne7xvmrhkoslzq