A Convenient Fluorescence-Based Assay for the Detection of Sucrose Transport and the Introduction of a Sucrose Transporter from Potato into Clostridium Strains

Zhikai Zhang, Lihua Lin, Hongchi Tang, Shaowei Zeng, Yuan Guo, Yutuo Wei, Ribo Huang, Hao Pang, Liqin Du
2019 Molecules  
A convenient and effective sucrose transport assay for Clostridium strains is needed. Traditional methods, such as 14C-sucrose isotope labelling, use radioactive materials and are not convenient for many laboratories. Here, a sucrose transporter from potato was introduced into Clostridium, and a fluorescence assay based on esculin was used for the analysis of sucrose transport in Clostridium strains. This showed that the heterologously expressed potato sucrose transporter is functional in
more » ... functional in Clostridium. Recombinant engineering of high-level sucrose transport would aid sucrose fermentation in Clostridium strains. The assay described herein provides an important technological platform for studying sucrose transporter function following heterologous expression in Clostridium.
doi:10.3390/molecules24193495 fatcat:64uq4fmg5veydan757e4vgiaee