Gang Wang, Michael Poscente, Simon Park, Orly Yadid-Pecht, Martin Mintchev
2015 Number 1 International Journal "Information Theories and Applications   unpublished
This article proposes a novel cuff-based microactuator for automatic blood extraction using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) technology. It aims to provide an actuator solution for an electronic mosquito-like device, e-Mosquito, which enhances blood glucose measurement to off the potential to significantly improve both the quality of life for diabetic patients and their disease management. Fabrication and assembly methods of the microactuator prototype are discussed. The 6-mm thick microactuator
more » ... pe underwent mechanical tests in a laboratory environment to characterize its penetration force and depth, which are the major factors facilitating skin penetration and blood extraction. Testing results demonstrated that this actuator can produce a maximum penetration force of 160gf and a maximum displacement depth of 2.45mm, which both exceed the minimum force and depth requirements for blood capillary-reaching skin penetration in humans. Five actuator prototypes were assembled and integrated to a cuff wrist strap. A pilot human study was performed to test the blood extraction capabilities of the device. All five actuators successfully penetrated the skin and drew whole blood samples appearing on the skin surface of the subject.