School, curriculum and technology: the what and how of their connections

Laura Fedeli
Technology is, here, meant as an umbrella concept that finds its location in some dimensions of the school governance such as a practice of scrutiny and a means to develop teacher training, but mostly as part of students' background and expectations to be shared in a co-constructed curriculum. Technologies, nowadays, have been developing a new "world order" where education can cover some of the gaps students can hardly handle by just "living" the digital reality in which they are fully involved
more » ... also thanks to a continuous online connection aided by the mobile devices. Being autonomous in managing online contacts and information doesn't mean being digitally confident citizens and educational institutions can help identifying personalized and self-regulated learning path where students' needs and potentialities can find in the collaborative construction of the curriculum a common ground which ensure equity of the educational offer and respect of diversity at the same time.
doi:10.3280/ess2-2017oa5595 fatcat:p4enaewk4zh7jd2g232fawkg3e