Yves BIZAIS, Yves BIZAIS, Pascale CHIRON, Pascale CHIRON, Bernard GIBAUD, Bernard GIBAUD, Florent AUBRY, Florent AUBRY, Robert DIPAOLA, Robert DIPAOLA, Jean-Marie SCARABIN, Jean-Marie SCARABIN
1990 Medical Imaging Technology  
Archiving and Comttunication Systems(PACS),haS been claimed for about 10 years(1)。 On the contrary very few operatlonal PACS do exist presendy,due to an underestimation of technological difficultics and medical acceptance.It is thus highly intcresting to rcvicw past and presedt PACS rcsearch tteCtS,in order to dcrlne a strategy to specify effectivc PACS using upto-datc tcchnology. In the flrst scction,wc dcscHbed Frcnch PACS prttects,eithcr complcted or being real most of them are not fully
more » ... sfactory.Consequently ncw prttectS arc bcing started based prcvlous expencnce t thcy are discussed and cxarnplified in section 2.Finally concluslons about the usefulness of PACS are drawn,and a strategy for bullding effective PACS is proposed. PAST EXPERIENCES PACS in France and in EuroDe.In 1982 scvcral European research groups involvcd cither in Mcdical lmage Processing or Medical lnfomatics,got interestcd in PACS as a rcscarch topic.Scvcral PACS
doi:10.11409/mit.8.572 fatcat:ovi6qcfc3nbbhpx6dmwr2z4ab4