ORIGINAL ARTICLES Paleomagnetism And Rock Magnetism Of The Upper Cretaceous Rocks Of Gebel El-Nuhod, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

El -Hemaly, El -Hemaly, Abdel Aal, H Odah, El-Emam, El-Sayed, El-Faragawy
2012 Journal of Applied Sciences Research   unpublished
A total of 159 specimens from 14 sites were collected within the Upper Cretaceous trachyte rocks of Gebel El Nuhod in order to perform the paleomagnetic studies. Investigation was initiated by several rock magnetic experiments revealing that magnetite of pseudo-single-domain grain size represents the main magnetic carrier of studied rocks. Demagnetization analyzes, using both thermal and alternating field techniques, documented the occurrence of only one characteristic magnetic component
more » ... ic component carried by magnetite. This primary component represents both normal and reversed polarities and gives the mean direction of 324/-18.0 that corresponds to the magnetic pole situated at lat. = 41.0° N and long. = 264° E. This pole is not consistent with the reference African poles of the same age. This inconsistency is referred to the hypothetical local rotations of these rocks around a horizontal axis that occurred after solidification of magma.