A Proposal of Event Stream Processing Frameworks applicable to Asynchronous-based Microservice
비동기 기반 마이크로 서비스에 적용 가능한 이벤트 스트림 처리 프레임워크 제안

Sang Il Park
2017 The Journal of The Institute of Internet Broadcasting and Communication  
Micro-service Architecture is a service architecture optimized for large-scale distributed systems such as real-time realistic broadcasting systems, so that are fiercely adopted by Global leading service platform vendors such as Netflix and Twitter due to the merit of horizontal performance scalability enabling the scale-out technique. In addition, micro-service architecture makes it possible to execute image processing and real-time data analysis using an asynchronous-based processing that are
more » ... processing that are difficult to handle in Web API such as REST. In this paper, an event stream processing framework applicable to asynchronous based micro services is proposed in the sense that the accountability of event processing order is not guaranteed in the events such as IoT sensor data analysis or cloud-based image editing because these are the situations where the real-time media editing generates multiple event streams and asynchronous processes in the platform.
doi:10.7236/jiibc.2017.17.2.45 fatcat:4v2fq7ckmvdkdktjbpcl4pfrly