Genome-wide search ofSchizosaccharomyces pombegenes causing overexpression-mediated cell cycle defects

Victor A. Tallada, Rafael R. Daga, Cristina Palomeque, Andrés Garzón, Juan Jimenez
2002 Yeast  
Genetic studies in yeasts enable an in vivo analysis of gene functions required for the cell division cycle (cdc genes) in eukaryotes. In order to characterize new functions involved in cell cycle regulation, we searched for genes causing cell division defects by overexpression in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. By using this dominant genetic strategy, 26 independent clones were isolated from a Sz. pombe cDNA library. The cloned cDNAs were partially sequenced and identified by
more » ... identified by computer analysis. The 26 clones isolated corresponded to 21 different genes. Among them, six were genes previously characterized in Sz. pombe, 11 were homologues to genes identified and characterized in other organisms, and four represented genes with unknown functions. In addition to known cell cycle regulators encoding inhibitory protein kinases (wee1, pka1 ) and DNA checkpoint proteins (Pcna, rad24 ), we have identified genes that are involved in a number of cellular processes. This includes protein synthesis (ribosomal proteins L7, L10, L29, L41, S6, S11, S17 and the PolyA-Binding Protein PABP), protein degradation (UBI3 ), nucleolar rRNA expression (fib, imp1, dbp2 ), cell cytoskeleton (act1 ) and glycolysis (pfk1 ). The interference caused in the cell cycle by overexpression of these genes may elucidate novel mechanisms coupling different cellular processes with the control of the cell division. The effect caused by some of them is described in more detail.
doi:10.1002/yea.902 pmid:12237855 fatcat:jo2n5dr7jbfplls57n5drah4bm