Mineralogical-Petrographical Investigation and Usability as the Gemstone of the North Anatolian Kammererite, Tokat, Turkey [chapter]

İlkay Kaydu Akbudak, Zeynel Başibüyük, Gökhan Ekincioğlu
2020 Mineralogy - Significance and Applications [Working Title]  
Kammererite formations were observed in the region of Tokat province in the north of Anatolia. Kemmererite (purple, reddish, pink color) is present in the form of nodules or veins in chromium levels found in Mesozoic basic-ultrabasic rocks. In the surveys, it was found that archerite minerals do not show a widespread distribution and have different shades of pink and color and glassy brightness. Thin-section analyses were performed from kammererite samples. In the investigations, kammererite
more » ... ons, kammererite mineral showed brownish or pinkish pleochroism in plane-polarized light. In crossed polars, it was observed that they had interference color in grayish tones. Due to its low hardness, kammererite was treated with epoxy to increase its durability. In addition, it has been determined that they can be used in both jewelry and ornamental objects with the applied cabochon cutting styles. Figure 5. Gemstones made from kammererite samples taken from the study area (a-processed samples without treatment; b-processed samples after treated with epoxy).
doi:10.5772/intechopen.92153 fatcat:pujfubbx55eytbf7oo4gtpgg6u