Low-power current-mode 0.9-V voltage regulator

A.C. van der Woerd, W.A. Serdijn, R.H. van Beynhem, R.J.H. Janse
1994 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits  
A design for a low-power integrated 0.9-V voltage regulator for load currents up to 140 pA is presented. The circuit contains no external components and it stabilizes the voltage of a single battery cell of 1.1-1.6 V with a PSRR > 40 dB over a frequency range of up to 30 kHz. The regulating circuit operates a current level and accomplishes automatic load-current limiting. Its rms output noise is < 4 pV over a frequency range of 10 Hz-8 kHz. The quiescent supply current is zz 40 pA.
doi:10.1109/4.309911 fatcat:kfw3gtli5rbulm3frfntgv26sy