Quantitative Analysis of Pulse Wave Responses of Dialysis Patients and their Pulse Waveform Pattern

Takahisa MIYAWAKI, Seizaburo ARITA, Akira YAMASHITA, Kengo YOSHII, Mitsushige NISHIKAWA, Toshiji IWASAKA
2007 International journal of biomedical soft computing and human sciences  
Abotnact;Jn this .s'tuc(u we measuredputse waves in dialysis patients, and analyzed dialysis-inchtced changes in pulse ivave clata, 7he duta used were the tnean blood pressure and quantitative puLse wcrve duta sueh as meximum wave height, rising siope, and area ofpttlse wavqi2)rm, bqlZ)re and c4ier dia4vsis. Tlie mean btood pressure "'as considerabb, correlated with the meximttm vvave height and area (zfpulse ",aves in dialysis patients, 71ie tnean blood pressuiu and the quantitative clata
more » ... titative clata ofputse waves were signijicantly decreased ofer dialysis. MoieoveE the change ofthe maximum wave height was eorretated with that ofmean btood p,essuie bojbre and c4}er dialysis. Dialy,sis-induced changes (ij'the puLs'e vvavoprm pattern.fro,n the protuberant ope (Bell opet) to the ,flattened ope avat ope) were investig. ated bjJ pulse u,ave pattern analysis. 71ie analytical Jesults suggest that quantitative dota qfpulse wave responses may be a notevortby characteristic to rqpresent ehanges hqlbie and c!fier dialy,sis. Ke.vivortts Pulse wave response dialysis, quantitative analysis, pulse wavqform pattern
doi:10.24466/ijbschs.12.1_29 fatcat:g7udb7bkabhqnlg4uje6zsfx6y