A new method of polarization measurement based on the novel polarization interference imaging spectrometer

Sun Yao, Zhang Chun-Min, Du Juan, Zhao Bao-Chang, 西安交通大学理学院,非平衡物质结构与量子调控教育部重点实验室,西安 710049
2010 Wuli xuebao  
A new spaceborne remote sensing principle and method of two-dimensional object polarization measurement, which is based on the novel polarization interference imaging spectrometer (NPIIS) using the field of view compensated Savart polariscope, is presented. Without modification of the optical system of the NPIIS, the Stokes vector, the degree of polarization and polarization direction expressions are derived by measuring the intensity of one pixel on the image plane after three rotations of the
more » ... polarization interferometer. The method and principle is verified by computer simulation, and the results appear to be well consistent with the theoretical analysis. The research extends the measurement function of the interference imaging spectrometer. Compared with the existing imaging spectrometers which can measure the two-dimensional image information and one-dimensional spectral information, another method to acquire the object information by measuring the polarization state is developed.
doi:10.7498/aps.59.3863 fatcat:gb3loanixrf3pajjeglz6ly4eu