Surrogate-Based Black-Box Optimization Method for Costly Molecular Properties [article]

Jules Leguy, Thomas Cauchy, Beatrice Duval, Benoit Da Mota
2021 arXiv   pre-print
AI-assisted molecular optimization is a very active research field as it is expected to provide the next-generation drugs and molecular materials. An important difficulty is that the properties to be optimized rely on costly evaluations. Machine learning methods are investigated with success to predict these properties, but show generalization issues on less known areas of the chemical space. We propose here a surrogate-based black box optimization method, to tackle jointly the optimization and
more » ... machine learning problems. It consists in optimizing the expected improvement of the surrogate of a molecular property using an evolutionary algorithm. The surrogate is defined as a Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) model, learned on a relevant area of the search space with respect to the property to be optimized. We show that our approach can successfully optimize a costly property of interest much faster than a purely metaheuristic approach.
arXiv:2110.03522v1 fatcat:weniw3jhcbhh3cdvfflttdmrhu