Content-based image retrieval on mobile devices

Iftikhar Ahmad, Shafaq Abdullah, Serkan Kiranyaz, Moncef Gabbouj, Reiner Creutzburg, Jarmo H. Takala
2005 Multimedia on Mobile Devices  
Content-based image retrieval area possesses a tremendous potential for exploration and utilization equally for researchers and people in industry due to its promising results. Expeditious retrieval of desired images requires indexing of the content in large-scale databases along with extraction of low-level features based on the content of these images. With the recent advances in wireless communication technology and availability of multimedia capable phones it has become vital to enable
more » ... operation in image databases and retrieve results based on the image content. In this paper we present a content-based image retrieval system for mobile platforms, providing the capability of content-based query to any mobile device that supports Java platform. The system consists of light-weight client application running on a Java enabled device and a server containing a servlet running inside a Java enabled web server. The server responds to image query using efficient native code from selected image database. The client application, running on a mobile phone, is able to initiate a query request, which is handled by a servlet in the server for finding closest match to the queried image. The retrieved results are transmitted over mobile network and images are displayed on the mobile phone. We conclude that such system serves as a basis of content-based information retrieval on wireless devices and needs to cope up with factors such as constraints on hand-held devices and reduced network bandwidth available in mobile environments.
doi:10.1117/12.596772 fatcat:nwnzns4u6bcxxko4rtnuz4jqwa