Preparation of Fiber-Supported Mn(II) Complex and Their Catalytic Performance in Oxidation of Styrene

姗姗 闫
2016 Material Sciences  
The goal of this paper is to prepare a new type of supported catalyst, GF-SALEN-Mn(II), which is synthesized by the following. The glass fibers were first hydroxylated, after which they were reacted with 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPTS) to form a silane monolayer, which was further reacted with synthetic salen ligand on subsequent treatment with Mn(OAc)2 in methanol and gave a glass fiber-supported N,N-bis-(saliylalehydde)-ethylendiamine manganese(II) complex [GF-SALEN-Mn(II)]. It was
more » ... N-Mn(II)]. It was characterized by physicochemical techniques (FT-IR, HMNR). The catalyst was used in the oxidation of styrene with H2O2 as the oxidant. The important reaction conditions, such as the reaction temperature, the ratio of oxidant/styrene, and the recycle times were examined. The experimental results show that the catalyst reveals relatively high catalytic performance with 84% conversion for styrene. The suitable conditions are as follows: n(styrene): n(H2O2) = 1:5; the reaction temperature: 70˚C and the reaction time: 10 h. In addition, the catalyst used repeatedly for 3 times can still possess high catalytic activity.
doi:10.12677/ms.2016.65040 fatcat:q7qzxxwgkjeslm57bqjaeprhf4