Calculation of displacements per atom distributions in solid materials

Ibrahin Piñera Hernández, Carlos M. Cruz Inclán, Antonio Leyva Fabelo, Yamiel Abreu Alfonso
2007 Nucleus  
The results of the calculations of the displacements per atom distribution induced by the gamma irradiation on superconductor and Iron slabs up to 15 MeV are presented. Firstly, a calculation procedure for the displacements cross sections and the displacements per atom distributions was introduced, relaying on the application of the energy flux distribution values of secondary electrons, formerly calculated using the Monte Carlo methods based code system MCNPX. Finally, calculation results of
more » ... lation results of displacements per atom distribution were compared with the corresponding energy deposition profiles, obtaining a nearly linear correlation among them at different depth positions for a wide range of Gamma Radiation incident energy.
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