Twitch Plays Pokemon, Machine Learns Twitch: Unsupervised Context-Aware Anomaly Detection for Identifying Trolls in Streaming Data [article]

Albert Haque
2019 arXiv   pre-print
With the increasing importance of online communities, discussion forums, and customer reviews, Internet "trolls" have proliferated thereby making it difficult for information seekers to find relevant and correct information. In this paper, we consider the problem of detecting and identifying Internet trolls, almost all of which are human agents. Identifying a human agent among a human population presents significant challenges compared to detecting automated spam or computerized robots. To
more » ... a troll's behavior, we use contextual anomaly detection to profile each chat user. Using clustering and distance-based methods, we use contextual data such as the group's current goal, the current time, and the username to classify each point as an anomaly. A user whose features significantly differ from the norm will be classified as a troll. We collected 38 million data points from the viral Internet fad, Twitch Plays Pokemon. Using clustering and distance-based methods, we develop heuristics for identifying trolls. Using MapReduce techniques for preprocessing and user profiling, we are able to classify trolls based on 10 features extracted from a user's lifetime history.
arXiv:1902.06208v1 fatcat:okvhcuq4tzefzeeboje563wyrq