Polarimetric Calibration of the GaoFen-3 Mission Using Active Radar Calibrators and the Applicable Conditions of System Model for Radar Polarimeters

Weibin Liang, Zengzeng Jia, Xiaolan Qiu, Jun Hong, Qingjun Zhang, Bin Lei, Fan Zhang, Zhaoguo Deng, Aichun Wang
2019 Remote Sensing  
GaoFen-3, the first polarimetric SAR satellite of China, carried out polarimetric calibration experiments using C-band polarimetric active radar calibrators (PARCs), trihedral corner reflectors (TCRs), and dihedral corner reflectors (DCRs). The calibration data were firstly processed referring to the classic 2 × 2 receive R and transmit T model for radar polarimeter systems, first proposed by Zebker, Zyl, and Held, and Freeman's method based on PARCs, but the results were not good enough. After
more » ... detailed analysis about the GaoFen-3 polarimetric system, we found that the system had some nonlinearity, then a new imbalance parameter was introduced to the classic model, which is equivalent to the γ proposed in Freeman's paper about a general polarimetric system model. Then, we proposed the calibration data processing algorithm for GaoFen-3 based on the improved model and obtained better results. The algorithm proposed here is verified to be suitable for GaoFen-3 and can be applied to other spaceborne and airborne fully-polarimetric SAR systems.
doi:10.3390/rs11020176 fatcat:frxkckt65bcqjgyhk7fxqpclpa