Content Based Image Recovery Using Multiresolution Color and Consistency Facial Appearance

V Saranya, N Anithapriya, M Tech
2016 International Journal of AdvancedResearch in Science, Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The two image features are proposedin this paper to index an image. They are Color Co-occurrence Feature (CCF) and Bit Pattern Features (BPF).These two features are generated directly from the ODBTC encoded data streams without performing the decoding method. The CCF and the BPF of an image are simply derived from the two ODBTC. They are quantizes and bitmap, correspondingly, by including the visual codebook. The experimental results shows that the proposed method is greater to the block
more » ... ion coding image retrieval systems and other earlier systems, and thereforeshow that the ODBTC system is not only suited for image compression, since of its simplicity, but also offers also simple then effective descriptor to index images in CBIR scheme. This paper presents a method for content-based image retrieval namely, CBIR by developing the benefit of low complexity Ordered-dither Block Truncation Coding namely, ODBTC image content descriptor generation. The ODBTC compresses an image block into corresponding quantizes and bitmap image in the encoding step. KEYWORDS:Bit pattern feature, content-based image retrieval, ordered dither block truncationcoding.