Evaluation of body height and body weight in relation to growth in children in the North Backa region
Evaluacija telesne visine i telesne mase prema uzrastu dece u severnobackom okrugu

M Pavlović, S Bijelović, D Balać, A Kadvan
Medicinski pregled  
Body weight and height in regard to age present an important indicator for evaluation of health status in children. The aim of this study was to evaluate body weight and height in regard to age in children of the North Backa Region (Subotica, Backa Topola and Mali Idos) compared to reference values. Results of transversal anthropometric measurements performed from 1995-1998 of body weight and body height of 25.790 children aged 1-18 from Health Centers in North Backa Region have been
more » ... ly processed by software "CHILD". Body weight and height in regard to age were evaluated by standard deviation, according to international World Health Organization reference values and National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS/WHO). Body weight was established (+2 standard deviation) in 9.33% children, while 1.14% had decreased body weight from -2 standard deviation. Obesity, as well as undernourishment, dominated among children from village Mali Idos. Body height higher than +2 standard deviation was registered in 8.07% children, mostly among boys from Backa Topola. Body height lower than -2 standard deviation was found in 2.10% children of our region. Obesity in children aged 1-18, in our region is higher than in the children from UN regions and subregions. Only Russia has worse results generally speaking. In regard to the WHO Global Database of underweight children, we can say that in our children it is hardly present. These findings reflect the need for prospective growth monitoring of children in our area and for health improvement through nutrition intervention programs.
pmid:11876005 fatcat:ebmzkf7tdrg4je5nndzy7hjvt4